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Spray Tanning

Do I have to be naked during a spray tan?

No, you don’t have to be naked when you spray tan. While some people prefer to be nude to avoid tan lines, you have the option to wear whatever is most comfortable for you—like a swimsuit or underwear.

Men: must wear some form of lower body coverage (boxers, briefs, bikini brief, thong) that is opaque, non-transparent, and not a novelty apparel item.  For the safety and comfort of our artist(s), this must be strictly followed.  


Can I wear makeup during a spray tan? 

We don’t recommend wearing makeup during your spray tan. Cosmetics can act as a barrier on the skin and result in an uneven tan.


How do I stand during a spray tan?

Your spray tan artist will tell you how to position your body to make sure you receive an even natural-looking tan. Just follow their guidance to end up with a beautiful tan. 


When can I get dressed after a spray tan?

After your spray tan, you can get dressed as soon as you feel dry, which is normally within a couple minutes after the session. Your spray tan artist can speed up the dry time by removing the spray gun from the air hose and “blow drying” your skin. Another tip: We don’t suggest wearing tight clothing because your tan can rub off. Wearing dark, loose-fitting clothes is the way to go!


How long after a spray tan can I shower?

This one is important! You shouldn’t shower for at least 8 hours after getting a spray tan.  If you are needing to shower before the 8 hour time frame, we do have a Rapid Solution that will allow you to shower sooner. 

Please ask about our Rapid Solution at your next session with us. 

All of our products have bronzers in them to give you an immediate tan. 

The bronzer is cosmetic, and will wash off in the shower revealing a natural-looking tan that will last about 7-10 days.


Is there anything I should avoid after my session?

You will want to avoid sweating or working out, wearing a bra, touching your skin, apply make-up and exfoliating. 


Will my tan come off in the pool? 

Avoid the pool completely for the first 24 hours after your spray tan. After that, you’ll still want to splish-splash sparingly, as chlorine can cause your tan to fade faster than normal. Just a reminder: Spray doesn’t protect your skin from the sun! It’s important to still apply SPF before any fun in the sun. 


I know a spray tan can't be as bad as tanning beds, but is it safe? 

The solution has been approved for external use by the FDA; however, you should avoid getting it in your eyes, mouth or nose. We will apply the solution carefully to your face. While the rest of your body is being sprayed, hold your breath and close your eyes.


What else can I do to make sure my tan lasts as long as possible?

While your spray tan is new, you'll want to avoid chlorinated water, as this can make the color fade faster. In addition, cut the amount of shaving you do down to a minimum, as this works as an exfoliant and will also make your tan fade. Once your tan has started fading naturally, you can resume most of your normal skincare regimen.

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